Am I interesting?
Happiness has 9 letters.
I am a girl of seventeen summers from the orient seas. I read, I watch, I listen, I learn. I need a place for the thoughts I could not bear and would not dare to speak, and obviously, my refuge is this blog. I giggle more than I laugh. I like warm hugs. I believe in myself. I trust in God.
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If kaya pang ayusin, pipilitin. But if this is really what both of you need, then just be strong. Magiging mahirap at masakit pero hopefully, all the pain will be worth it.

- Krizzy to Basha (One More Chance)
Kung ang gamot sa aking sakit ay pag-ibig, ako ay nauuhaw at ikaw ang aking tubig.

- Hangover - Sugarfree
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I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain.

- Hero - Enrique Iglesias
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Life is short, so don’t make it shorter.

- Petra Mahalimuyak
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I will not be surprised if people will leave me alone, hanging.


if robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money id just laugh and search with them


like literally

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Not the time for a dad joke.


Not the time for a dad joke.

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Everyone’s capable of loving, but not everyone can handle the pain.

- Lola Babes (If I Fall by shirlengtearjerky)
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I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

- JK Rowling
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Spurs 99 - 90 Warriors (x)


Timmy sat. Manu sat. Matty (strained calf) was also unavailable. The Spurs, for the second time in as many games, made less than 40% (39.3) of their shots. Yet, they finished the night with their 13th consecutive victory thanks in large part to a strong defensive performance. They held the…

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Introverts don’t get lonely if they don’t socialize with a lot of people, but we do get lonely if we don’t have intimate interactions on a regular basis.

- (via kkachilhan)
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